The Northern Powerhouse; Wirral’s newest live music venue

Once a welders yard but now a live music venue. The Northern Powerhouse is not just for people to gather. It’s for people from different generations to listen to artists new and old under one roof with the shared love of music.

At a time when Birkenhead is promised huge redevelopment this venue is at at the heart of the changes. It will be one of the first signs of growth and renewal and will give Birkenhead a voice and culture to speak through. This 350 capacity venue isn’t another pub or bar but an exciting space for all genres of music to be created and cultivated. Music from all walks of life from rock to dance will be catered for.

The Northern Powerhouse has teamed up with Events471 to bring exciting events. We are collaborating with local students and established bands to put on events where the artists of varying experience can perform together. This mix of experience, energy and passion for music will create an electric atmosphere and ensure both performers and attendees have a memorable experience. We aim to ensure everyone has the best night, offer a launch pad for artists and to put Birkenhead on the map for all the right reasons.

Events will be hosted monthly and there are ongoing discussions about a future festival representing our area.

We would love you to be part of it. If you’re a local band who would like to get involved or if you know an artist we should be checking out please get in touch.

You can find The Northern Powerhouse on Facebook.


Upcoming Events