Red Coven; three piece heavy rock from Liverpool

Red Coven started at the end of 2021, originally ‘Kikyo’. After the end of lead singer Sophie’s old youth band she started at age 15, ‘Quartz’, she wanted to start a new creative project for her songs, feeling that taking a specifically more female fronted approach would work much better this time. Now 17 and met Cara, bassist, the band was born, and we soon found our very first drummer (there were a few after him). Their origins are influenced by grunge and heavy rock music, however since their roots the music has evolved a lot. Songwriter Sophie found that her songwriting changed as she did; experiencing her teen years in the music scene in Liverpool, influence and inspiration are everywhere.

Royal Blood and Led Zeppelin are Sophie’s (lead singer and guitarist) favourite bands, and are responsible for the riffs and the powerful vocals. Playing guitar from age 12 and joining her first band at 14, Sophie has gained knowledge and experience in her teen years from delving into the local music scene from a young age, making her a great band leader. Now at 18 she listens to a lot of classic rock and metal, giving her music more of a Black Sabbath sound.

Cara’s (bassist) influences steer more towards Japanese rock and all female power metal bands – making a perfect fit for the female fronted three piece. Growing up in a musical family, Cara gained knowledge of musical history from her father who plays in bands, propelling her to join a band too. Studying art in University, Cara is very creatively driven – commuting from her uni in Leeds to play around Liverpool for her love of music.

Jack, the drummer also from a musical family, grew up listening to the likes of The Shins and Arctic Monkeys – drumming for ten years, and even playing in a band with his father John and getting a song ‘YNWA’ regularly played at Anfield Stadium. His roots are very much in British culture. Despite being raised in Georgia, USA, and only moving to Liverpool for university in 2019, he is a huge fan of British classic rock, 80’s metal & indie music – an even bigger fan of Liverpool Football Club. Now he focuses his time practicing rudiments, playing football, studying genetics in university, and expanding his music catalogue, indulging himself a wide range of music so that he can never stop learning.

Now the band plays their own distinct genre of modern rock – with twinges of blues and metal topped with powerful female vocals. They have their own sound!

Their debut single released on February 17th, ‘Golden Girl’, is driven by a thick, catchy riff. Sophie was very much inspired by Royal Blood when she writing this song. Although the lyrics remain generally simple throughout, the repetitive but compelling melody makes the song very dynamic.

You can find Red Coven on Facebook and TikTok.


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