Powerage; the North’s leading AC/DC tribute band

Powerage UK is a high-octane tribute band dedicated to recreating the electrifying sound and exhilarating stage presence of AC/DC during the iconic Bon Scott era. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Powerage UK has gained a reputation as one of the most captivating tribute acts in the rock music scene.

Powerage UK comprises a group of seasoned musicians who share a deep appreciation for AC/DC and a passion for delivering a thrilling live experience. Their goal is to transport audiences back in time to the 1970s when the band first burst onto the scene with their groundbreaking sound and untamed energy.

At the heart of Powerage UK’s success lies their meticulous attention to detail in capturing the essence of AC/DC’s signature sound. The band invests considerable effort in sourcing and utilizing authentic gear, ensuring that every note, riff, and thunderous beat rings true to the original recordings. From the roaring guitars to the pounding drums and pulsating basslines, Powerage UK leaves no stone unturned when it comes to achieving the authentic AC/DC sound.

Lead vocalist Kenny McKinney channels the spirit of the late Bon Scott with his charismatic stage presence and powerhouse vocals. His gritty, blues-infused voice captures the essence of Scott’s distinctive style, allowing audiences to relive the energy and passion that defined AC/DC’s early years. Backing Ken’s electrifying vocals is a lineup of exceptional musicians, including Calum McKinney as Angus on lead guitar, Jack White as Malcolm on rhythm guitar, Matty Morgan as Cliff on bass guitar, and Steve McKinney as Phil on drums.

Together, they flawlessly recreate the iconic guitar solos, infectious rhythms, and thunderous grooves that have made AC/DC an enduring force in rock music. Powerage UK’s performances are a tour de force of AC/DC’s most beloved hits, featuring timeless classics like “Highway to Hell,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” “T.N.T,” and many more. With a reputation for their energetic stage presence, the band guarantees an adrenaline-fuelled show that keeps audiences on their feet and craving for more.

Since their formation, Powerage UK has garnered a dedicated following of AC/DC enthusiasts, earning rave reviews for their authenticity, musicianship, and ability to capture the raw essence of the Bon Scott era. They have performed at renowned venues and festivals across the UK, leaving a trail of satisfied fans and an undeniable mark on the tribute band

For fans of AC/DC’s Bon Scott era, Powerage UK is the ultimate homage to one of the greatest rock bands in history. Whether you are a die-hard fan reliving the glory days or a newcomer seeking an electrifying rock ‘n’ roll experience, Powerage UK is sure to leave you spellbound with their unrivalled passion, dedication, and commitment to honouring the timeless music of AC/DC!

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