Orange; a 4 piece alternative rock experience

ORANGE is a 4 piece alternative rock experience. The band consists of Tomm Davies on Lead Guitar and Vox, Megg Tunley on Rythm Guitar and Vox, Hayden Lodge on Bass, and Jack Mac on Drums. Originating in the North West of England, the group have played various venues around the Liverpool area to great response, supporting many local acts from the city.

With influence drawn from The Stone Roses, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis, ORANGE serves a whole new breath of energy and passion in their music. Raw, powerful vocals from Tomm and Meggs’ melodic, angelic vocals work together to provide an interesting contrast and variation throughout any setlist with a Lennon/McCartney style relationship of songwriting and performance, paired with screaming guitars, aggressive drums and bass that shakes the room, ORANGE seek to provide not only an entertaining gig but an experience.

ORANGE can be found on Spotify, with a two-song EP released in October by the name of ‘Cure For a Headache’ with new music coming very soon!


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