NAILS; a dynamic sound that sets them apart

NAILS is a six-piece alternative rock band from Liverpool, England. They met during their first year at LIPA Sixth Form College, and came together when the members discovered their shared desire to bring a unique sound to their local alternative-rock scene.

The band’s lineup consists of Vocalist Lola Downey-Lamoureux, Pianist and Vocalist Polly Woodason, Guitarists Aoife Grainger and Leah Mcmillan, Bassist Axel Germains, and Drummer Leigh Harper. Each member brings their own individual talent and style to the group. With the piercing embellishments from their lead guitarist, combined with a gritty rhythm section, they lay down a tight base for the singer’s powerful, catchy melodies to flow through, creating a dynamic sound that sets them apart from their peers.

NAILS have swiftly began to gain recognition with their energetic live performances. They have caught the attention of local music venues like Sotto and The Jacaranda and are increasingly growing a fan base on social media.

Gaining traction with their infectious energy, NAILS are a band to watch!

You can find them on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


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