Lanky; a unique mix of R&B, rap, alternative rock and electronic genres

“Lanky manages to effortlessly combine technical prowess with heartfelt expression, creating a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and captivating. An astonishingly talented young musician whose music is a testament to his boundless creativity which I have no doubt will make a profound impact on the music industry.”
Brian Campbell – Grammy Nominated Musician – Clinic

​”Lanky is a someone with infinite potential, seeing his process grow can both hold inspiration to creatives in general and fellow musicians, no matter the genre / sound he puts his mind to he can click with specific codes and conventions, with his best attribute being his catchy melodies as seen on his song ‘sins’ Lanky takes time with his craft and tries to improve wherever he can, he is happy to hear constructive criticism and proves he will continue to grow with every drop, the world is truly his oyster, if you don’t know Lanky, it’s not too late to find out.”
Taylor Sidwells – Owner Of Tedious Visuals.

Lanky is an upcoming artist, hailing from Liverpool UK, emerging as one of the faces to watch for the future. His unique mix of R&B, rap, alternative rock and electronic genres creates an atmosphere that is fresh to listeners, ensuring they never know quite what to expect with a new release.

Starting out with a USB microphone and a laptop, the then 16 year old exceeded all expectations with his first official project “AnEPToCryTo” which released in November of 2020, and gained traction from many popular media outlets and companies within the emo alternative genre such as “Biteki” and “Toxic”. However, this lead onto his most successful track of today, “Bleach”, which received playlist placements from Spotify, leaving it with almost 300,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Since this time, Lanky has consistently been releasing music, upgrading his sound quality and style, and experimenting new genres and ways to reach his potential within the market. This has not only gained him radio play time from BBC Merseyside, but also had him named on the Drown U Out festival lineup alongside artists like “Scarlxrd” and “Bexey”, and also had his newer music featured on Spotify playlists such as “New Music Friday UK”, solidifying himself as one of the best emerging talents out of the country, who at any point could take off with the right support and team around him.


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