Everything Yes; American jazz fusion band

Everything Yes is an American jazz fusion band spearheaded by the drummer Zack Graybeal, known famously as ZackGrooves on his platforms, Sean Reeser, prolific composer, producer and tenor sax master & Cole Sipe, composer, sound engineer and magistral bassist.

This powerhouse of a band brings a fresh take on the style while staying true to the roots. Let’s meet the members!

Zack Graybeal (DRUMS): Born in Atlanta GA, there was no question that this man was destined for greatness. His unstoppable determination and discipline are a force to be reckoned with. He spent his entire education at East Carolina University in the top bands at the school. He is exactly as he presents himself on YouTube. There is no filter or mask that could ever cover his unique and raw personality.

Sean Reeser (MAIN COMPOSER & TENOR SAX): From York PA, this genius producer and tenor saxophone master first met Zack at East Carolina when they were both given the same audition slot. This was the beginning of Everything Yes. Just like Zack, Sean spent his time at ECU in all the top bands. Their styles and discipline heavily influenced each other during this crucial time. His vast knowledge of theory and composition are an integral part of the unique sound Everything Yes brings.

Cole Sipe (BASS): Also from York PA, Cole and Sean have been playing together since they were fifteen. Having both attended the Inspire Studio of the Arts, an excellent school in York directed by Cole’s father Curt, they bring over a decade of musical kinship to Everything Yes that most bands would kill to have. Cole’s moves and grooves bring life to the room. His style and finesse on the bass is the perfect fit and a staple of the EY sound.

Jacob Dupre (KEYS): From Baton Rouge, LA. He has performed, collaborated, and recorded with artists such as Lynette Williams, Greyson Nekrutman and Paul Gilbert. He has played with renowned jazz performers and composers such as Bill Watrous, Peter Erskine, John Fedchock, Bob Sheppard, Butch Miles and Bill Holeman. He has degrees in music performance from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to his career as a keyboardist and educator, he works as a composer/songwriter and producer on a wide range of projects.

Nathan Graybeal (ALTO SAX): A young artist from North Carolina, most well-known for his YouTube persona “Saxologic”. Originally an avid artist then animator, he has transferred his love for art to saxophone. He spreads his infectious passion to inspire others to find the joy of improving in music. Nathan obtained a bachelor’s degree in both jazz and classical saxophone performance from East Carolina University. He attended the Frost School of Music at University of Miami for his Masters and currently attends University of Memphis for his DMA.

Jacob Loreant (GUITAR): Young artist based out of Memphis TN. He regularly performs on Beale St. and has a deep love of the blues. Jacob grew up without traditional guitar instruction and learned primarily by ear off of records by his favourite artists such as Buddy Guy, Frank Zappa, Jim Hall, and John Scofield. He holds a B.M. in Jazz Composition from the University of Memphis where he played and wrote for all of the top bands.


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