Burn; the scorching rock’n’roll powerhouse

Introducing Burn, the scorching rock’n’roll powerhouse hailing from the heart of Wirral. Prepare for a blistering musical journey that transcends time, as they effortlessly blend iconic hits from the illustrious 70s and the electrifying 90s, with their own sensational original compositions coming soon.

Mesmerising frontman Matthew Turnbull, whose magnetic vocals captivate and ignite the crowd. Unleashing fiery riffs with unparalleled skill, lead guitarist Dan Kirk sets the stage ablaze, while bassist Ben Coghlan commands the thunderous low end that reverberates deep within your core. Drummer Bradley Sales unleashes an unstoppable rhythmic force, driving the band forward with unrelenting precision, while rhythm guitarist Jevan Huges adds an explosive layer of sonic intensity.

Newly formed but already forging an unbreakable bond, Burn exudes a raw and exhilarating energy that ignites the atmosphere, leaving audiences electrified and craving more. When these musical maestros take the stage, prepare for an adrenaline-fuelled journey that guarantees an unforgettable, pulse-pounding experience.

So buckle up, because Burn is about to set your soul on fire with a performance that will leave you breathless. Get ready to unleash your primal instincts and immerse yourself in the scorching aura of Burn’s rock’n’roll inferno. It’s time to embrace the heat and let the sonic flames consume you, for a night of pure rock transcendence awaits.


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