Anika Nilles & Nevell; energetic, melodic and musically adept

Nevell is a band formed by drummer and composer Anika Nilles. Those who already know her, know that she is much more than just your run of the mill drummer. Energetic, melodic and musically adept, that’s how she is described in professional circles and how her music is shaped. She has been touring the world for many years, most recently with none other than English guitar legend and multiple Grammy Award winner Jeff Beck. Through her band, she creates a masterfully innovative mixture of jazz, funk and progressive elements; carefully combining virtuosity with catchy melodies.

“Rarely do you come across a truly original project with compositions and arrangements that do not copy others – they have their own style and atmosphere. The arrangements emphasise the originality of the melodies and harmonies and nobody, not even the leader Anika Nilles, shows off unnecessarily. This is mature, solid playing.” (Jazz-Fun Magazine) Nevell take their audience on a journey of compositional twists and turns, conversing in an on-stage playful, musical dialogue, unfolding into an unforgettable show of passion, energy and artistry.

Drums: Anika Nilles
Percussion: Santino Scavelli
Keyboards: Patrick Rugebregt
Keyboards: Martin Kasper
Guitar: Tooru Sakurai
Bass: Jonathan Cuniado

You can find Anika on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and via her website.


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