About Us

Events471 is an event management company based and formed on the Wirral which specialises in promoting live music events of all genres.

Our aim is to reflect on the industry as-is and promote new talent from new places. Through the diversity within our team, we will put a spotlight on the new, the established and the legacy bands and artists that keep the heart of grassroots music beating.

Local grassroots music is often overshadowed by the established and popular music of the cities and established artists and bands. Leading to the dismissal of local artists as esoteric. However the esoteric is unique and special, as it is the voice of our community.

Events471’s purpose is to celebrate all kinds of voices and give them a platform to be heard.

We intend to keep our ears to the ground, look ahead and go out and find new sounds and new experiences. We will give artists and bands a chance to grow and flourish from the start of their creative journeys to where they become established cornerstones of the musical landscape.

The River Mersey has been a dividing factor in many ways for the Wirral and Liverpool.

Our aim is to bridge this gap to create a wider and more diverse scene on both sides of the water and open up new music and ideas in new places, to more people.

Joining Merseyside through the love and passion for music. So hop on the 471 and join us too. Check out our events to see what’s going on.

The Team

Behind Events471 we have a team with the sole interest of changing the music scene between the Wirral and Liverpool. What started out as a conversation around the dinner table and a joint love of live music has become something that will further the creation of places where artists are free.

The team consists of people with different skills and backgrounds. With this range we create experiences where every detail is paid attention to.

By working with established relationships and building new friendships they are now implementing this different approach to the music industry. They are also surrounded by a group of long-standing friends and expert individuals which means guaranteed professionalism.